Projects to promote agri-food products on the International Market

SG Project builds on the two decades of experience accrued by SG Marketing, a marketing specialist working with production and distribution companies in the agricultural, food and beverage sector.
SG Project
Funding & Promotion Programs

Seize the best opportunities to develop your business

We help companies in the agricultural, food and beverage sector to choose the best Public Funding opportunities and manage the funding project in order to promote and consolidate company internationalization strategies.

National and International development plans tailored to fit specific client needs

Reliable, effective action

To guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of the actions, we monitor the international markets through:
A dedicated, expert team based in Italy

A network of partners in some of the main global markets, with operational headquarters in:

• North and Central America
• Asia: South Korea, China, Taiwan
• Middle East: UAE
• European Union: Spain, Germany, Greece, France
• Russia and Ukraine

Our clients